Why I Re-Launched In Full Force

This may sound cliche, but life is short. Damn, it sure is. And when you get to the point in your life when you’re in your 50s and your 60s are on the horizon, you quickly realize that you only have so much time left on this planet. That’s when you start wondering … what is my life purpose? How do I want to spend the next couple of decades (if I’m so lucky)? You start to ask yourself … am I happy in this current point in my life? Should I be doing things differently? Should I be loving harder, living life more adventurously, and truly feeling at peace?

Because when you really think about it, as women, most of us have spend the past two decades in our maternal bliss – raising children and establishing our family bond. It’s a life work that most would agree is the most important accomplishment we may ever do.

My three children – pictured here on Martha’s Vineyard about 15 years ago – have been the center of my universe for the past two+ decades.

But as midlife sets in, we realize, that phase of our lives, the one that was all-consuming and lived for everyone we loved in our lives … and not so much for ourselves … is over.

Yes, our children are still a huge part of our lives and we love them dearly. But they don’t need us the way they used to. And that’s okay. Honestly it is okay because if your children are independent and successful without you guiding their every move, then you did your job. Congratulations Mom, job well done.

But if you’re like me … the next question is “now what?”

Despite the fact that we have accomplished so much, some of us … I admit that I have felt this way lately … sense a lack of purpose and direction at this phase of our lives. Do I want to just wait around to become a grand mother and put my maternal magic to use when that time arrives? No, not at all. I will certainly rock grandmother-hood when that time comes, but there is so much more that I want to accomplish .. do … see … experience … live!

And this leads me back to they why I chose to revisit, rebrand, and relaunch my company In Full Force. When I created In Full Force back in 2007, my children were 10, 9 and 6 and they needed me a lot! I created In Full Force at that time because I felt that mothers raising young children and trying to literally “do it all” … well, they deserved some ‘me time’. They deserved to be in a room that celebrated them, surrounded by other women like them, at event experiences that introduced them to all the services and luxuries that they should be enjoying more often.

Women, Wisdom & YOU was sponsored by YOU by Crocs and hosted by Mel Robbins.

I spent the next couple of years, organizing huge events for women, hosted by KISS 108’s Matty in the Morning and Billy Costa, and staged in the best venues North, South, and West of Boston.

I even collaborated with You by Crocs on an event in New York City called Women. Wisdom & YOU with a star-studded panel, and created an event focused on Success with one of my favorite life coach dynamos Mel Robbins.

It was a whirlwind few of years that saw many highs and many lows. It wasn’t easy but I felt that I was making a difference, I was creating a brand with substance and it was succeedin.  But then that endeavor was side tracked by life, of course!

At the time, my husband and I were building two other brands – The Greatest Bar in Boston and Dirty Water Media. We were struggling financially and there came a day when we sat down and talked about what our best financial options were going to be at that point of time. How could we best support our children, keep our home, and invest our time and efforts in the most successful options. At that time, we decided that I would focus my marketing and entrepreneurial skills on branding and building Dirty Water Media, and marketing and creating events for The Greatest Bar. And, for the past 15+ years, that’s just what I did.

I put In Full Force aside, which honestly was probably the right thing to do at that point in my family’s life. Working along side my husband to build Dirty Water Media and The Greatest Bar – while super challenging – was the best for my family. I climbed that mountain and we created two very unique Boston brands that I am very proud of and that are still thriving today.

Now at this stage of my life when I am a bit more self focused, I felt myself being pulled back to In Full Force and what it could potentially mean for women TODAY! The world has changed in the past 15+ years. We are more spiritual, we are more wellness focused and – following the Covid 19 pandemic – we need community more than ever.

As I scrolled through social media – Instagram and TikTok – I noticed that there were a lot of women, like myself, in the golden era of their lives who seemed a bit sad, lonely and unfulfilled. I started noticing more and more influencers talking about why it is so hard for women to keep old friends, make new friends and have a sense of community now that their children are grown and their focus is turned bak on themselves.


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Here’s a great example of just that in Mel Robbin’s podcast that addresses the issue of why adult friendship is so hard? Definitely worth a listen.


It was an issue that not only intrigued, but frustrated me. Why, after accomplishing and giving so much of themselves, why are women in their 50s and 60s so sad and lonely? It was a problem that I not only wanted to learn more about but also wanted to help address and resolve.

Another influencer that hit me over the head with her raw emotion about not having plans for Memorial Day weekend was Joleene DesRosiers, a former PBS producer turned entrepreneur from upstate New York.


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After seeing this TikTok I knew I had to bring In Full Force part two to life. I reached out to Joleene to let her know the impact her messages have had on me. We are currently in talks to collab on an event or retreat in the coming year. Right now she is focusing on falling in love, enjoying her first girls trip abroad to Portugal, and launching her own new endeavor – Go Joleene!!

I have no idea how easy or difficult it will be to create a joyful and engaging – multi generational – community of women. But it is why I am bringing In Full Force back to life via events, podcasts, and blogs that I am hoping will help all of us to build a community that we love, one that feeds our soul, gets us excited, and makes us feel connected to cool people, places, and things!

So, let’s go live our lives in full force. Let’s do it together. Life is short, live big!